Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sneezy the Snowman: Word Melt Freebie!

Hi friends! 
Today I wanted to share a fun activity with one of my favorite winter books: Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright.

I created this activity a couple years ago when I was teaching first grade. I love it because it can be used with any phonics skill Kinder-2nd grade! 
My first grade class had just started studying /oo/ words and all of the different spellings that this sound can have. I happened to read Sneezy to them, and low and behold, that story has a TON of /oo/ words with the oo and ew spellings. I thought that it would be fun for us to do a word sort with these different spellings, and whipped up a quick activity: 

For this activity, I had my students sort between the two /oo/ spellings found in the story. We re-read the story, and made a list of words first. Then we put them on our snowballs: 

Next, we started gluing down our labels on the background: 

The picture above shows this activity with two different CVC word families! As I was doing this activity, I realized that it would really work for any groups of words, especially word families. So I made a sample to show that too :)

Next we glued down our snowballs, and melted snowman in the middle:

Finally, we got to put the face and arms on the melted snowman! My kids loved being able to put these however they wanted on their "snowman blob" :)

Here is the finished product with CVC words:

My first graders just LOVED doing this word sort, and I hope that your students do too! 

Click on the picture below to download this activity for FREE!

Have a great weekend!!