Thursday, October 5, 2017

Alphabet Football Fun!

Hi friends! 
I'm here today with a fun freebie for you: ABC Football! 
This game is an alphabet game to work on letter recognition or even beginning sounds. 
This game comes with letter cards for both capital and lowercase letters. The letters are printed on footballs. There are also "touchdown" cards included. To play, put all of the football cards and touchdown cards in a container or tin. Students pass the container around and pick a card. If they know the letter, they get to keep it! If they pick a touchdown card, they get to stand up and say "TOUCHDOWN!!" and then they get to go again. :) 

This game is tons of fun to use in small groups or centers. I love using it with my intervention group kiddos for extra practice. 

Because I LOVE football (Go Packers!) I created another fun football ABC game for my students. This is a letter matching game. Students match the lowercase letter found on the football to the "end zone" card that has the capital letter on it. 

I also made some alphabet spinners for my students to practice letter recognition. 
These spinners each have 4 letters on them. I have spinners for capital and lowercase letters. To play, students use a pencil and paperclip to make a spinner. They "flick" the paperclip and watch to see what letter it lands on. 
Then, students can record the letter that their spinner was on, on a recording sheet! 
These recording sheets can even be put into a dry erase sleeve to be used multiple times. 

These fun football games are included in my ABC Football pack! Click on the picture below to check it out in my store:  

Don't forget to download my ABC Football FREEBIE!! Click on the picture below: 

Want more fun with seasonal and themed centers?? 
My students LOVE using themed centers during Math and Literacy time like this apple letter matching game below: 

Happy teaching! :) 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Alphabet Fun & Freebies!

Hi friends!
I'm here today with a quick post about some of my new favorite alphabet activities and printables! There is a FREEBIE at the end of this post. So stay tuned!

Last year I created Word Family Foldables for my students, and they were a HUGE hit: 

So, I decided to create alphabet foldables! I am so excited to use these with my students in August. It will be great to work on cutting, coloring, printing, and the alphabet all at the same time:

Each foldable is two pages. The students cut the flaps on the top page, and then the top page gets stapled to the bottom page. There is one foldable for each letter. You can find these in my store here: alphabet foldables

And I am SO excited to use these alphabet tracing pages again with my students:

These worked great last year. I loved having a separate page for capital and lowercase letters, and having a dot so that my students knew where to start printing was helpful too! 

Of course, I still plan to use some of my same alphabet centers from last year! My kiddos LOVED this center using library pockets: 

This has been a blast in my classroom. You can find this activity in my ABC Centers Pack. 

And my favorite thing of all: my Beginning Sounds Musical Powerpoints!! 

Each letter has its own song! And students get practice with printing the letter, finding the letter, and the sound! Its a great teaching tool.

Finally, here is a new alphabet freebie that I created just for you! It's a quick and easy rainbow letter matching game. Click on the picture below to download:

Check out my alphabet post from last year for another fun freebie: 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Word Family Egg Hunt: Freebie!

Hi friends! 
Just a quick post to share my "Word Family Egg Hunt" activity that I have been doing with my students this week in stations. They have been LOVING this, and I wanted to share the template I made with all of you.

For this game, I wrote a number on all 16 plastic eggs. Inside the eggs, I put plastic letter beads that spelled CVC words. I sorted the beads ahead of times and wrote a master list of all the words that were inside the eggs so that I would have a reference. 
To play the game, the kids take turns "cracking" an egg and dumping the letters onto their mats. They have to unscramble the word and figure out what it is. A strategy that we came up with was to find the vowel first, and put it in the middle of the word. :) 
After they found their word, I have them write it on their paper with a dry erase marker! 
We've played this game all week, and the excitement is definitely still there! 

Want to download the template to use with your students?
Click on the picture below: 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

CVC Games and a Freebie!

Hi friends! It has been a VERY long time since I've blogged. I'm here today with a quick post about some of my favorite CVC games and centers that I have been using with my students this school year. 
If you stick around till the end of the post, there's a fun freebie for you too! :) 

My students have been LOVING these word family foldable books that we've been making. We have one for each word family, and they call them their "flappy books." Students cut on the dotted lines to make the flaps, and then the page with flaps gets stapled to the bottom page. Students practice reading sentences and CVC words. 

We have been loving our milk and cookie CVC matching games in centers too! 

And these CVC blending puzzles are a big hit as well! I love that my students can do them independently. :) 

It's almost spring time, so I made a fun little rainbow CVC word matching game for my kiddos to play this month: 
Click on the picture above to download this CVC RAINBOW MATCHING FREEBIE!! 

Happy Spring!