Saturday, September 10, 2016


Hi friends!
Happy back to school time! I'm here today to share with you some of my favorite alphabet centers that are so much fun to use during back to school time and are perfect to review throughout the school year. If you stick around til the end of the post, I might have a fun freebie in store for you as well :) 

First up: 
Alphabet spoons

 Alphabet spoons are one of my favorite activities. All you need to prep them is a set of clear plastic spoons, and a set of white plastic spoons. You write capital letters on one set, and lowercase on the other set. Kiddos put the spoons together to work on letter matching. I also like to have my kids put the spoons in ABC order. 

Next up:

This idea is super simple for letter matching! I just buy a set of library pockets at any teaching supply store, along with a die cut that will fit inside. I write the capital letters on the pockets, and lowercase letters on the die cuts. 
This school year, I decided I wanted to make my library pocket center look a little nicer:

I made letter labels for the pockets, and made strips with pictures on them for my students to practice beginning sounds, as well as letter matching! 
This has been a blast in my classroom. You can find this activity in my ABC Centers Pack. 

Next Activity:

I love using these 4 piece puzzles in my classroom! Kiddos have to match not only capital and lowercase letters, but 2 pictures that go with each letter. Once these were prepped for my classroom, they became something that my students can use throughout the school year for extra practice. These puzzles are available in my ABC Centers Pack. 

I also like to use more basic alphabet puzzles in the beginning of the school year:

Next activity:
This is probably my new favorite center!! My kiddos LOVE these cards. They like to put them in ABC order and work together to match all of the letter pairs. I love listening to them collaborate and work together… Even when they use the letter 'p' as a lowercase 'd' :) 

My students also LOVE using magnet letters, and these beginning sound strips have been a big hit:

We also use magnet letters for ABC order:

Letter matching is HUGE this time of year too, and sometimes I like to use a worksheet to get in some extra printing practice as well:

My newest activity that I created this week is: ABC POP!
 I have been using this as an "exit ticket" activity in my classroom! Students pick a piece of popcorn on their way out to recess, and they have to tell me the letter name or sound on their way out the door. They are LOVING THIS!! I also plan to use this in centers to work on letter recognition, and letter matching. I love that it's also something that I can give to a parent volunteer when they come to my classroom, and they can quickly pull a group to work on letters. I got the cute popcorn container from the Target Dollarspot over the summer. :) 

My ABC POP! activity is available as a FREEBIE for you to enjoy with your students. Click on the picture below:

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a fabulous weekend.