Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Big Pumpkin- Sequencing FREEBIE!

Hi friends! I'm here today with a quick post about my FAVORITE Halloween story of all time: Big Pumpkin!

I have used this story with my students EVERY year, and they absolutely love it! I love that it is such a great story to work on story elements with, especially sequencing. We also work on comparing characters, and talk about who the main character and the "hero" is in the story. 
Here is a picture from one of the first times that I used this book about 4 years ago:

There's also a super fun recording of the story told in a song on youtube that I play for my students every year. It's an old recording and there's a "beep" on it so that students know when to turn the page, but I usually just use it whole class during a read aloud. Click below to head over to youtube:

Interested in buying the book on Amazon?
Click on the picture below:

One of my favorite activities to work on with this book is sequencing. The different characters come to try and help the witch pull the pumpkin off the vine. At the end of the story, they eat pumpkin pie together! It is so much fun to put the characters in order, or even act out the story. 
My students love getting to cut out pictures and put them in order:

This year, I thought that it would be fun to make some picture cards for my kiddos to sequence the story in a pocket chart, or even act out the story in small groups:

They LOVED using these cards, and I wanted to share the cards with you as a freebie! Click the picture below to download:

The rest of the activities and printables can be found in my BIG PUMPKIN PACK on TPT:

I hope that you enjoy using this book with your students this season! :) 

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  1. I am speechless! I have looked for this and looked for this. I have the cassette and have shared it with my class for years. A few years ago my tape player started eating tapes and I was afraid to try it with this tape. I have gone 2 years without sharing this version of this book, and your resources are amazing! Unfortunately for my current class of Kinders I found this 24 hours too late as we celebrated Halloween today and don't return to school until November. I am downloading this little gem and the resources too. THANKYOU! You have made me very happy! The witch lives on..