Wednesday, May 25, 2016

End of the Year Student Gift!

Hi friends!
I'm here today with a quick post about a little gift that I am giving to my students on the last day of school tomorrow:

I found these super fun bubble necklaces at Target in the party section! I just love that they are shaped like stars. They came in bags of 12 and were only around $5 for each bag. I know that my students will love them :) 

If you want to snag these fun labels to use for your students' end of the year gift, I am including a free download for you. 
The file is a powerpoint file. So all you need to do when you download is insert a text box and add your name! I have included each grade level up to 5th grade in the download. 

Click on the picture below to download the free labels to use for your class. 

I hope you have a great end of the school year with your students! :) 


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