Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kindergarten Comprehension

Hi friends!
I am excited to share with you today one of my favorite new ways to help my emergent readers gain confidence and practice their reading skills. If you stick around, there's even an exclusive FREEBIE for you!

While I may not be teaching Kinder this year (I'm teaching 1st) I still LOVE creating products for Kinder, and I like to be able to use these products for my low first graders as well. I teach a lot of students who speak English as their second language and I find that these kiddos get overwhelmed when there is too much text on a page! Some of my students just need simplicity.
I wanted to provide for my lower students basic reading passages that used only CVC words, & pre-primer and primer sight words. Thus, my new reading passages were born:

I use these passages in small groups and one-on-one with my low first graders. And they just LOVE them!! They feel confident, and really feel like they are reading independently!!

The tracking dots under each word are probably my favorite part. Students point to each word and don't lose their place as they go:

The comprehension questions on the side always include 2 fill in the blank questions as well as 2 multiple choice questions. Students can practice using the text to help them answer questions:

If I was still in a Kinder classroom, the options would be ENDLESS for these fun passages! They would be great to use whole class, as well as in small groups.
Thinking about how my old K classroom used to run, I would have LOVED to have used these stories in my weekly homework packets. Especially since students need to read each passage at least 3 times, these would have been perfect to send home with directions for parents as part of a weekly homework packet.

I decided that my ELL students could really benefit from seasonal comprehension stories that introduced new vocabulary words as well, so I created seasonal passages too:

The same tracking dots and basic words are included, but 2-3 new seasonal vocabulary words are introduced on the bottom. Students need to read these passages 4 times before answering the questions:

My students LOVE to highlight their new vocabulary words that they learned. The repetition of reading the passage 4 times really helps them to recognize those new words!

My winter passages were so much fun that I decided to make spring passages as well! 

I also added a BUNDLE to my store of all of the passages. 
In addition to 5 seasonal packs, and 3 CVC word packs, included in the bundle are 5 BONUS STORIES that are not included in the regular packs. You only have access to the bonus stories when you buy the bundle. 

These stories are some of MY favorite things, but don't just take my word for it!! Try it out with your students before you purchase!! I created an EXCLUSIVE FREE story for you that is not in my TPT store. Try it with your kiddos and see how they do! Click on the image below to grab your freebie. :) 

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  1. Thank you! I teach a phonics first class with the students that were struggling the most in kindergarten and need extra help to be successful readers. I love your phonics comprehension bundle and I can't wait to use these as well. Your products are always well put together and can be used in so many beneficial ways.