Saturday, February 22, 2014

Math Cups Freebie!

I have been getting so much positive feedback on Instagram from my Math Cups that I created, that I wanted to create a freebie worksheet for people to use in their classrooms to along with Math cups!

In case you missed my post about how I created my Math Cups, click on the picture to take you there! 

First of all, I did finally find the original picture that I got this idea from on Pintrest, so I wanted to give credit where credit is due for inspiring me! Thank you to Mothering With Creativity for this awesome idea! :) 

In My classroom, after I created my own math cups, I wanted to be able to put them into centers and give my kiddos a worksheet to do while they were creating addition problems together. My plan is to put this worksheet in page protector sleeves and make it double sided. Then I want my kiddos to take turns creating addition problems during centers with the math cups, but everyone in the group has to draw in their manipulatives with dry erase markers and write out the problem on their own board. 

Click below to grab this freebie! (Please excuse how the window below looks…it took me awhile to figure out how to link a pdf directly to my blog! Hope it works for everyone. I would welcome tips on easier ways to do this! :) 

Enjoy my freebie, and have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wow Wednesday!

Linking up again with my friends over at Coast to Coast Kinder for Wow Wednesday!
I meant to have this done yesterday… but oops! Time got away from me. :)

This week we are sharing Science and Social Studies ideas, so I thought I would share two of my favorite freebies that are in my TPT store!

First, in honor of February being Dental Health month: I created an emergent reader that I plan to use with my kiddos next week about taking care of their teeth! 

I created the reader to have 3 different levels: 

Be sure to download this freebie for Dental Health month from my TPT store!!

Now onto Social Studies:
Another freebie in my TPT store is my Let's Vote Pack

Each month, I have my kids vote on a different topic by putting their picture in a pocket chart in the classroom. Last month, we talked about American Symbols and Presidents, and my kids got the chance to "vote" for their favorite famous American!

 We then made a bar graph  to show our results: 

Be sure to download both of these fun freebies from my TPT store

Head over to Coast to Coast Kinder for more linking up fun! 

Math- Addition Cups!

I started really working with my students this week on understanding the concept of addition. We have been working all year on decomposing numbers, combinations of numbers, and all of those other fun common core standards, but I really wanted them to start to understand this week what happens when you add two numbers together, and to provide them with a visual of how addition makes things bigger! 

I saw an idea for something similar to my math cups on pintrest, but I wanted to find a way for my kids to master the addition symbols and be able to write in numbers at the same time while using manipulatives! So I started creating my Math cups! 

I started with an old student work station that you put up while kids are taking tests. We call ours offices. :) I had one that was totally falling apart, so I cut off part of it, and just used the back. It was very sturdy! 

Then I got some small cups that were sample cups from Starbucks. I have a lot of them in my supply closet because I use them for art! I cut the holes out of the bottom of two cups. 

Then I started creating! I knew that I wanted my kids to be able to write on the back of my creation so I got out some of my laminated cardstock, which works perfectly with dry erase markers. In the beginning of the year, I laminate some extra white cardstock because sometimes I need blank white mini dry erase boards for random things in the classroom! I wrapped the cups in green cardstock, and cut out a plus sign and equal sign and taped everything together. The only part I needed to hot glue, was the plastic bin. I hot glued it to the bottom of my board to give it extra support. 

Finally, I decided to add one extra piece of white cardstock for the kids to write on next to the equal sign, and my creation was ready for the kids! 

When I used this with my kids in class, I called them up 3 at a time to create an addition problem. I had a container of snap cubes up at the front as well. I had one child pick the first number, and write it on top of cup number one. Then that child got to put the snap cubes through the cup! That was the fun part! 
Then the second child got to pick how many snap cubes we would be adding on, and write in the next number! 

Finally, the last kiddo that was up in the front had to count how many cubes were in the plastic bin, and write the answer! 

You can see from the pictures that we did a couple of different problems, as the numbers are different in the pictures. I wanted to give as many kids a chance as possible! 

Here's a few more pictures. 

My kiddos had SOOO much fun with this!! I told them that we will use it next week during centers, and they were very excited! 

I leave you with one more of my new math ideas for the week: 

Now that we have passed the 100th day of Kindergarten, my kiddos count with me to the "last day" and their fun "Kinderbration" graduation ceremony! So I decided that they were ready to graduate from using straws on our pocket chart to using ones sticks, tens cubes, and even a hundreds flat. It's so cute to hear them say in the morning: "We need to add another ones cube!" Tomorrow we will trade for a tens stick, and they are very excited! 

Have a great Friday everyone!! :) 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time for a Sale!!

I am so happy and beyond ecstatic to have reached 50 followers on teachers pay teachers!! Never did I imagine that ANYONE would follow my store, let alone 50 people! I am so blessed to be a part of the TPT world & teacher blogging network! Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and follows my store. It means so much to me… 

That being said, I felt that if I was going to offer a sale this week I would need to add some NEW PRODUCTS to my store! I feel that I was quite productive on Friday and Saturday and uploaded 4 new packs!! 

First off.. my 100th day of school pack! Filled with coloring pages, crafts, & easy printables for a fun filled day with your kiddos. 

I also added a February writing pack which includes Valentine's Day, President's Day, & Dental Health writing activities, sentence building worksheets, and word & picture cards! 

I added a separate President's Day writing pack, which includes sentence building activities and word & picture cards for President's Day! 

FINALLY, my President's Day Fun Pack! It includes coloring pages, two readers, and easy printables and writing activities to teach your kiddos about President's Day, as well as American Symbols. 

Have a great week everyone!!