Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th Be With You! TPT Sale!

I am SO excited to be participating in a special blog hop featuring my top 4 selling items from TPT! The BEST part is that ALL 4 of these packs are on sale TODAY ONLY!! I'll do my best to show you pictures of each product and why I think they're great. All buy one of these packs have been used in my classroom, and my kiddos have loved them. :) So here we go: 

My life cycle of a butterfly unit has been a lot of fun for my kiddos this year and it is FULL of a variety of worksheets that are all differentiated. Click on the picture above to check it out on TPT. 
In my classroom, we used the emergent reader from this pack: 

And I also used my life cycle worksheets to teach my kiddos the life cycle when we first started: 

At the end of my unit, I gave my kiddos the SAME worksheet, but it was blank! It was up to my students to fill in the words, as well as draw pictures to show me that they understood the life cycle. 
I also included realia pictures of the life cycle in this pack: 

My Life Cycle of a plant unit! Click on the picture above to visit this pack also ON SALE on TPT! 
This pack is very similar to my butterfly life cycle pack. I am still in the middle of teaching it to my kids right now, and they are really enjoying it. Here are some pictures: 

 This pack comes with labeling worksheets that are all differentiated! There is a version that comes with the word bank and without the word bank.
 There are multiple versions of this worksheet as well. Students can fill in the words, pictures, or both!

I also included realia pictures in this unit: 

My CVC Words Sentence builders with short vowel a!! I have been busy creating lots of sentence building packs this year to help my kids practice reading, tracking, writing, etc… Click on the picture above to see it ON SALE on TPT!
This pack includes word wall/vocabulary cards, as well as 20 different worksheets for your students to practice reading and building sentences: 

I have recently been using these as morning work review in my classroom as the school year is winding down. We have been working on the difference between short and long vowel sounds, so these worksheets have also been helpful for reiterating that! 

Last, but certainly NOT least! My Literacy Pack for Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm by Joy Cowley! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE making literacy packs for children's books and have made almost one for each month of the school year! This pack, I am planning on using this month when I do my farm unit with my kids. It includes story element worksheets, as well as an emergent reader. Here are some pictures: 

Remember this SALE on these products is going on TODAY ONLY- MAY 4th!!

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