Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Linky!

Today I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo over at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday! It's my first time participating in this linky and I'm excited to join in the fun :)

Ok: here's my picture! 

Question: How do you organize daily activities, worksheets, and supplies in YOUR classroom?? 

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    I too use lots of bins for everything...I dislike piles very much ;) An organized life is a happy life!!
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary

  2. I love a good bin or container! I'm bug into keeping myself organized. It makes it much easier to help my kids stay organized!

  3. I have color coded bins for my leveled groups! They have a matching slot to put finished work into.

  4. I have a wire shelving stand the lives just behind my teacher chair. When I make copies of our work I put them on there, and any materials I will need for the day also live on the wire shelving. I like that it keeps it off my desk and what I need is always near where I'm teaching.

    Luck's Little Learners

  5. Cute!! I have a paper sorter that I love! Thanks for linking up! :)

  6. Love your organization :) I wanted to let you know I nominated you for The Liebster Award! Go check it out on my blog. Mrs. Thomas Kinder