Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wow Wednesday!

Linking up again with my friends over at Coast to Coast Kinder for Wow Wednesday!
I meant to have this done yesterday… but oops! Time got away from me. :)

This week we are sharing Science and Social Studies ideas, so I thought I would share two of my favorite freebies that are in my TPT store!

First, in honor of February being Dental Health month: I created an emergent reader that I plan to use with my kiddos next week about taking care of their teeth! 

I created the reader to have 3 different levels: 

Be sure to download this freebie for Dental Health month from my TPT store!!

Now onto Social Studies:
Another freebie in my TPT store is my Let's Vote Pack

Each month, I have my kids vote on a different topic by putting their picture in a pocket chart in the classroom. Last month, we talked about American Symbols and Presidents, and my kids got the chance to "vote" for their favorite famous American!

 We then made a bar graph  to show our results: 

Be sure to download both of these fun freebies from my TPT store

Head over to Coast to Coast Kinder for more linking up fun!