Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WOW Wednesday!!

Linking up with Coast to Coast Kinder for a WOW idea this Wednesday! 
Thank you for hosting ladies! 

My WOW idea from my classroom is centered around my theme from my classroom Open House this past Sunday. The theme that I picked for my classroom for open house was American Symbols. I always like to have a theme for Open House to base all of my projects around, and we spent the entire month of January working on our America projects! 

One of the things that I'm most proud of my kiddos doing is our American Flag writing. We read several stories about Betsy Ross, and then together as a class, we used interactive writing and wrote a story about Betsy Ross. 
I'm also really proud of the journal paper that my kids used. I created a TPT pack of monthly journal paper for my kids to use, and this was the first month that we had used it! 

I also came up with a really fun idea for my classroom door to go with my America theme. I had each student decorate a letter from the phrase: "God Bless America, Land that I love!" I also added a heart, and I had exactly 30 letters! The same number of students in my class! I took each student's picture, and put them up on the door. I'm really happy with how it turned out! 

Finally, my students did a voting/graphing project from my "Let's Vote" unit on TPT where they get to choose their favorite famous American. I had my students pick from: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, or Barack Obama. 

I printed and laminated the pictures and put them at the top of a pocket chart. My kids got to place their own picture under the person that they were voting for on the pocket chart! We do a voting exercise like this each month, and my kids get soooo excited!! Especially since they are using their own picture to vote. We then graph, and tally the results on a worksheet. 

This voting activity is available as a FREE download from my TPT store!!

Hope you enjoyed my WOW Wednesday ideas!! Thanks again to Coast to Coast Kinder for hosting. :) 

Have a great evening!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just Me January Linky!!

So excited to be teaming up with Kinder Sisters for their first linky!! Us new bloggers need to stick together! Also excited to see that another new blogger friend of mine Cassie Thomas joined in the fun!! Glad to be making so many new teacher friends through instagram & blogging! :) 

Ok.. here goes with the questions: 

1. Name: Kelly Smith

2. Hometown: Southern California girl, born & raised! 

3. Morning or night person: definitely morning! I am SO productive in the morning! Love getting up and starting the day with a nice walk and cup of coffee. 

4. Collector of anything: hmmmm gotta be Kate Spade purses and accessories.. I am obsessed!!

5. Most used app on my phone: probably instagram! 

6. Favorite cereal: Frosted Flakes or Crispix.. I'm pretty boring with my breakfast!

7. Oldest pair of shoes in my closet: probably my rainbow flip flops.. they last FOREVER!!

8. Favorite snack: If I'm being healthy- lemon yogurt, or strawberries.. If not: chocolate chip cookie!!

9. City or country: City for sure!! But not a big one! 

10: Favorite thing about teaching: For me, it has to be the growth that I see from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, especially with Kindergarten! Those kids are like sponges and just soak up so much knowledge in a year's time!!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to link up with the Kinder Sisters over at their blog! 

Have a great weekend everyone! :) 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome back!!

The first week back from any break is always a long one! My kiddos were FABULOUS on Monday because they were so excited to be back at school and see all of the new things in the classroom! I had new name tags for them, class jobs, new seats, new pencils, and crayons, etc… By mid week, that excitement had died down and the TIREDNESS had set in!! Everyone was wiped out, including me!
But, we pushed on and got through the week, and even had a little fun while doing it! :)

On Monday, I started a new writing project with my kids and asked them to think about what their "Kinder" New Year's Resolution would be! We talked about what resolutions are, and I had them brainstorm in groups what they think they could work on here in the classroom for the new year. On Monday, I had them draw their picture for this writing assignment and start thinking about what they would want their writing to be when we had small writing groups on Wednesday and Friday.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, I have leveled writing groups with my kiddos while half of them go to computer class! I have 30 kids in my class this year, so being able to split them in half for even just a half hour during the week is a blessing. The kids LOVE working in their small writing groups. It's hard to imagine 15 kids being considered a small group, but when you're used to 30 kids, 15 feels small! 
I used this New Year writing assignment to have my kids work on inventive spelling. I really want to have them work more independently this year, and use their word wall, high frequency words, and letter sounds, to become independent writers. So, after a mini- lesson about inventive spelling, I was quite impressed at how well my kiddos did on their own! 

Obviously we still need to work on printing and coloring, but overall, I was proud of her spelling!! 

Like these templates?? Check out my FREE New Year's Resolution Writing Templates on TPT: Did I mention it's a FREE download!?!?!

Also this week, I read the book Sneezy the Snowman to my kids. 

My class LOVED this cute and hilarious story!! I had to read it almost everyday because they were just out of their minds excited about it! I decided to start introducing independent morning work to my kids this month too, and thought them some fun sequencing worksheets about this book would be a great place to start! 

In the story, the kids build Sneezy and have to give him different clothes to keep him warm! 
Sneezy also gets melted in the story as he is trying to warm himself up, so I had my kids do another sequencing activity where they put the things that melt him in orders! 

My kids had so much fun doing these activities!!! 
If you haven't read Sneezy the Snowman to your kiddos, check it out!! It is an awesome book! 

I included activities about setting, main character, sequencing, and writing in this pack. Click on the picture to go to my TPT store! 

Finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who are reading my blog, and following me on TPT and Instagram. As of today, I have almost 300 Instagram followers and 37 TPT followers. 
My plan is to do a giveaway/sale on TPT when I reach 50 followers, and I hope to hit that milestone soon! Thank you for all of your support!

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Sight Word Pack on TPT!

Hi friends!
I just finished posting my January/February sight word writing pack on TPT!

It's full of sight word cards, & worksheets, as well as word and picture cards for Winter, Valentine's Day, President's Day, & Dental Health! 

Earlier I told my instagram friends that if they followed my TPT store and sent me an email with the number follower they are by midnight tonight, I would email them this new pack for free!!
I wanted to give my blogger friends them same love, so I am letting everyone know on here as well!

Follow my TPT store in the next 3 hours, email me: kevansteach@gmail.com with the number follower that you are, and I will send you this awesome pack for free! 

Have a good night teacher friends!