Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!- TPT Sale!!

Happy New Year teacher friends!!! I am so grateful for all of the new teacher and blogger friends that I have made in 2013! Looking forward to an awesome 2014. :) 

Enjoy 20% off in my store now through January 3rd! New products have been added, and TOMORROW in honor of the new year, I will be posting my new sight word sentence builder pack! 

Have a great evening everyone!! 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Teachers of Instagram Linky!!

I'm so excited to participate in a linky party for the first time! Thank you to Elizabeth from Kickin' it in Kindergarten for hosting! I absolutely LOVE all of the new friends I have met through Instagram and blogging, and can't believe I've only had my teacher Instagram since October… it really is so addicting!

Want to follow me on instagram?? @sweetsoundsofkinder 

Ok… here goes! 

Top 3 favorite Instagram pictures of 2013: 
I finally started a teaching blog!!
It had been a goal of mine for a very long time to join the world of teacher bloggers, and I'm proud of myself for taking the plunge! I am loving all of the new friends that I am making and everything that I am learning from experienced bloggers. My New Year's Resolution is to blog more often! 


Elf on the shelf!!! I had so much fun using Alfie and Ellie with my kiddos this year. It was especially fun to get new ideas for them from all of my instagram friends. #elfintheclassroom was a favorite of mine!

Getting married this summer to my AMAZING husband and officially becoming Mrs. Smith. I am so blessed to have a supportive hubby, and someone who still leaves surprise flowers for me from time to time. :) 

Your turn!! Feel free to link up, I'm sure glad that I did! 
Happy New Year friends! 

Here's one more link party I discovered earlier today. Join the fun! 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blog Lovin'!

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I am absolutely LOVING my new blog design from Dream Like Magic! It's just the motivation that I needed to try and get myself out there and noticed more in the blogging world. :)

Tonight, I'm working on trying to "claim my blog" on blog lovin'! I was told to copy that link that they gave me onto a new post and publish it. Hopefully that works, and I can start using blog lovin' and linking up to more blogger friends!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Been a While!

It's been such a while since I've blogged!! I've been so caught up in the new world of "teacher instagramming" that I have completely neglected my blog!

That being said, I feel I am still new to this whole world of teaching social media, blogging, TPT, instagram, etc… I am trying to get myself out there, get followers for both my blog and TPT, and sometimes it's tough! I am thankful for all of the WONDERFUL TEACHERS that I have come into  touch with on instagram and I am having a BLAST seeing pictures from their classrooms, especially now that so many of us are doing "elf in the classroom" . :)

My instagram name is: @sweetsoundsofkinder if any of you would like to follow me! I would be so excited to gain some new friends on there.

My TPT store is alive and well! I have put up some new Christmas Literacy Centers, and my kiddos have been LOVING them!!

We just finished working on our short vowel 'a' word families, and I created a stocking/candy cane match for them to do that go along with all of these word families.

My kiddos have also loved doing my ABC Christmas match, which is currently FREE on my TPT store! 

This center has been a great way to reinforce letter matching skills, as well as ABC order. Click on the picture above to download my ABC Christmas letter match for FREE on TPT! 

Finally, my class along, with our elves have been busy creating Christmas sentences with our sight words! 

Click on the picture to download my Christmas sight word sentences pack! 

Along with being busy working, we have also been having way too much fun with our class elves, Alfie, and Ellie! They are always finding ways to entertain us! :) I think that I might be having more fun with the elves than the kids are though!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate you taking the time to read it! I would LOVE so much if you would follow my blog and/or my TPT store. It would mean so much to me, as I continue on my journey into this fun social media world of teaching. :) 

If you liked all of my Christmas center ideas. They are available in a Christmas Literacy Centers bundle on my TPT store: 

Click on the picture to check it out on TPT! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kindergarten Science!

This last week in Kindergarten  we did an experiment with water evaporation. We put water in two clear plastic cups and filled it up to a red line. We covered one cup and left the other cup open. After two days of studying evaporation, we decided that our experiment needed heat or the sun to make the water evaporate faster. So, we added a heat lamp to our experiment. 

Each day, we recorded our findings on our observation sheet: 

Finally, we did a writing assignment, to summarize what we learned about evaporation. 

Another resource used this week, was an awesome video on youtube called: 

My kiddos loved watching this clip, and it really helped to sum up what we were studying about evaporation! 

My observation worksheets can be downloaded as a FREEBIE from my TeachersPayTeachers store! 

Click on the picture below! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Big Pumpkin! Children's book & Halloween activities!

This week in Kindergarten we read one of my favorite children's books: Big Pumpkin, by Erica Silverman. I love using this book with my kids, as there are so many literary elements that can be taught while using this book! The text of the repeats and rhymes, and the kids get so excited to say parts of it outloud with me while I read it. 
One of the best parts (I think!) about the book is that there is an awesome song that goes with the book! It's literally someone reading the text, but in song form. Now, I remember having the song on a cassette tape when I was a kid, but I can't find it anywhere now other than Youtube... so.. ta da!! That's what we used in class. I read the book to them on Monday, and then on Tuesday they got to listen to the song version, and it was quite a hit! 

Here's a link to the song on YouTube! 

As we studied the book this week, I decided to focus on a different literary element with my kiddos each day. I also created a worksheet for the kids to do to help them respond to the book! 

The first day, I simply let the kids choose their favorite part of the story and draw a picture. 
The next day, we discussed the different characters in the story. I taught the kids the difference between  a main character and a regular character by talking about the witch in the story and the other characters that help her! 

The next day, we talked about sequencing! The kids recalled the order that the characters came to help the witch pull the pumpkin off the vine. They completed a fun cut and paste worksheet together: 

Tomorrow we will finish our study of Big Pumpkin by talking about who the "hero" of the story is! One of the characters at the end, figures out that by working together, they can all pull the pumpkin off the vine! Which is yet another great quality of the book! It ends on such a positive note. :) 

The worksheets shown here and others are available as part of my 
Big Pumpkin Pack! on Teachers Pay Teachers!
Click the picture to check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!!
It's almost Friday!!!!!
Happy Weekend :)


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First Official Blog Post- Halloween Graph Activity!!

Welcome to my blog!! I am excited to get started in the wonderful world of teaching blogs! While I still have a lot to learn, I wanted to be able to start sharing some of my ideas & resources that I use in my own classroom! :) 
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

Yesterday I did my first class graphing activity with my Kindergarten class. I was nervous to try this lesson with my kiddos, as I usually save this graphing activity for later in the school year, but I decided to give it a try! 
I try to do a graphing activity with my kids once a month to give my kids a chance to share their opinion about a topic and also practice their graphing and number skills!

I proposed this question to my kids for our Halloween graph:
"What is your favorite part of Halloween?"
Kids were allowed to choose from the following choices: 
Eating Candy, Reading Spooky Stories, Trick-or-Treating, or Carving Jack-o-lanterns. Kids voted for their favorite part of Halloween by putting their picture under the correct column on a pocket chart! 
When everyone has voted, together we fill out the class data sheet to summarize everyone's opinion! Kids have to make a bar graph, count how many kids are in each column, and make tally marks to represent the data. 

The kids had so much fun with this project, and are already talking about next month's graph! I leave the monthly graph up at all times for the kids to see. The kids love any chance to see pictures of themselves! :)
This project is available as part of my Halloween Spooky Fun Pack on TPT
Thanks for visiting my blog! Stop by again soon. :)